All communication, both visual and textual, explores the  big / small relation of the Audi A1. Small for its size, big for being an Audi. The templates are composed of images and open scenes, where the main character is not the car itself but the lifestyle it represents. All scenes are led by people, bringing an emotional aspect to the communication. All templates bring a red element, a clear allusion to the mark.
We work all time with the tick line between big and small, sometimes more directly and literal (design and comfort) others more figurative and poetic (performance and intelligence). All, however, were created to the small size representing the A1 and big illustrating the universe of opportunities, possibilities and achievements covered by this lifestyle.

These initial insights lead us to a series of innovations. Innovations that enable, for example, low fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

This is about being intelligent: an urban car with environmentally conscious.

The scene shows a young girl with serene and confident behavior. Typical of an intelligent universe, typical of someone who lives the A1 Lifestyle.

We often forget the little pleasures and go after big things. We must remember what really brings joy, satisfaction and comfort. All this represented by the image of a father carrying his son. Despite the urban environment filled with distractions of all kinds, father and son living a unique moment, a small moment that is part of a great story.

So this is the A1 lifestyle. A compact car that drives us to a great pleasure.


Here, beauty is translated in to the form of flying hair, bright eyes, fleshy lips and a small mole that makes all diference. The union of all these elements make her beautiful but that mole turn her even more charming.

We can say that A1 is made up of tiny moles. And what would they be? The LED headlights of R8 and S5, the back inspired on the Q5 and Q7, and the celebrated Audi Infotainment System.

It´s the sum of all qualities of an Audi packed into a car. It´s an answer to the initial question: What´s the bext big thing? It´s the A1 lifestyle. The small Audi that was born to be great.


People make it happen. This is the profile of someone who lives the A1 lifestyle. Represented here by the young girl who looks happily out the window as if she had seen a great reality walking the streets. She´s someone who dreams and go after. No matter how small is this dream.

And she has the A1 to take her on this journey.

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