The action would begin on social media. Facebook would be fed with information about the departure of the A1 from Europe. Its journey from the factory, departure through the naval port and its arrival at the Motor Show.

Several photos simulating A1 catches would be posted by fictional members of the community, generating expectation for the release.

Promotions would be held with the proximity of the date. In the example above, sweepstakes of VIP invitations to community members using Facebook Tagging tool to customize the winning communication.

AUDI A1 lauching stand

Attraction aimed to visitors at the Audi stand. An iPad would be available for those who wanted to check the A1 from all angles.

Stand built with cut of Audi's largest model, the Q7. Several features in the screen passing the idea that would be necessary a large car, the size of Q7, to have all these accessories. Several scenarios followed by the question ¨Can you imagine all this in a car? ¨ would be presented until the day of the official launching.
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