DM sent to consumers of the brand. In the design phase A1 was a target of the automotive media which was surprised by the intent of Audi to build a compact car. The objective here is to prove in a fun way that A1 is a legitimate Audi, which owns the Audi DNA.

The DM is a paternity test kit made to evaluate 4 features of the car: sportiveness, comfort, interactivity, and design.

In addition to evaluating its merits, the case demonstrates how the A1 is a legitimate Audi comparing its DNA with DNA of other models, inheriting characteristics already established:

• The rear design, a solution in terms of both aesthetics and functionality and performance inherited from SUV models of the brand: Q5 and Q7.

• LED headlights of the top models R8, A5

• TDI engines - high performance and economical, less fuel consume and low CO2 emission.

• interactivity and comfort. The internal area famous for its quality and interactivity on all models remains in the Audi A1 with the luxurious finish and the Infotainment - Audi sound system, video, GPS, car adjustments linked.

• unmistakable front that takes Audi into a new category, the luxury compact.

Finally, this  ¨test of 100% probability of paternity Audi¨ is certified by the President of Audi Brazil.

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