New site project with link to A1 hotsite. Inclusion of new tools, improved interactive design, music player and new login mode for data collect.

A1 Hotsite - modern design with music player, movie player and interactive links.
Hotsite mechanics and interactive links: demonstration of A1 most important qualities, configurator, SCAN, AreA1 and download area.

Link presenting A1's main qualities. Each photo in the right corner refers to the concept created for the A1 release in Brazil. By clicking on the photo you can see all A1 qualities and how it affects people's daily lives. In the example we see how Kers system works taking advantage of the energy generated by the brake disks, saving fuel and producing low gas emission.
In the Configurator you can choose from several customization options offered by Audi and leave the A1 the way you like. Then just download it to your computer. There is even the download option for iPhone users who after customizing their A1 can see it in action going to their device.

A1 Scan - interactive tool that provides insight into all parts of the A1 through x-ray simulation. By dragging the cursor and moving the scan you can check all information in text, as well as an explanatory video of a certain feature.

Area featuring the Audi Infotainment, exclusive Audi entertainment system. By registering, the client receives tips from night programs, art shows, events, culture, etc. In addition, you can listen to music through the Audi Music Interface, adjust and check tones on the BOSE Sound System, download music to iPhone, find places through the GPS system, and view photos and videos of the best nightclubs.

Exclusive download area - wallpapers and screensavers, owner's manual for iPad and iPhone, exclusive games and 360º Interactive Guide for iPhone.
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