A1 release event dedicated to the target audience. It will be held in places frequented by the target audience such as parks, motor shows and musical events. Environments divided for children, adults, young people.
Interactive Scanner. Visitors can get acquainted with all the main highlights of the A1 using this interactive scanner, deciding which parts they want to check further. The scan shows the "x-ray" of the car and explains all aspects of the examined part using text and video.
Games and apps Area - existing games on the site adapted for arcades, A1 apps for iPhone and other attractions.
Audi A1 Store - Audi and A1 brand licensed products.
Art workshop with Audi A1 miniatures in white to be colored as Toy Art. After an exhibition the authors of the best Toy Art would win a test drive in Interlagos (image below).
TEST-DRIVE in Interlagos. Winners of promotions and sweepstakes at AreA1 would have the opportunity to participate in a test drive at the Interlagos Racetrack.
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