Account pitching with presentation of truck concept and other identification media in gas stations, besides digital inclusion and renewal of the program.
Shell will relaunch in August the program Irmão Caminhoneiro. The proposal is that in two or three years most of the network of 600 highways will have a standard of structure and services, as well as advantages for associates such as promotions and discounts.
Kiosk verson for gas stations
This action consists of a personalized welcome sign that will be triggered with the arrival of the trucker and his vehicle at the Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell Space. To do so, it is necessary first, that the trucker sign up on the website of Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell or the totem present in the Space. Then he will receive a tag to be applied to the front glass of his truck. This tag contains an RFID code that will be recognized by a reader at the entrance of the Space, which will trigger a typical horn of greeting between truck drivers and a personalized message in a light panel, where the truck driver may read: "Welcome John". It is an action aimed to value the trucker and show how important and welcome he is to the Club Space. The trucker can still benefit from gifts and other benefits that will be raffled through the RFID registration of his truck.
Digital inclusion
Through a partnership between Vivo (brazilian telephone company)
and the Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell, truckers participating in the program will be able to purchase tablets, 3G connections and other items with attractive discounts. The communication of this action would highlight the connecting character of the benefit, making it clear to the truck driver that it's now easier for him to see, talk, and feel close to relatives and friends, even while traveling and in cities other than his own.

Visit the Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell Space at São Pedro Gas Station, 15 km away.

Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell. With you all over the road.

Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell. With you all over the road.

Do not miss the Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell Space at São Pedro Gas Station, 10 km away.

Gas balloon - Signaling the presence of a Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell Space at the gas station.

Clube Irmão Caminhoneiro Shell blue print

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