First work for International Trucks, american client that arrives in Brazil but still holds US base. Presentation and subsequent approval through call and video-conference with the client in Chicago.
Invitation sent to dealers, fleet owners, FENATRAN prospects.

The invitation-box contains a pendrive with informative videos about the attractions at the International Trucks stand, a FENATRAN Pocket Guide and a hotel reservation.

Lower cost alternative invitation. It has the same content of the metal box invitation version.

IPod version of the invitation. It has the same content of printed and metal box versions, but in electronic format.

Welcome Kit that will be in the hotel room of the guests of the event, containing a VIP entrance and a badge.

Live marketing in the two main airports of São Paulo, Congonhas and Cumbica. The giant suitcase has a TAG where the text confirms the assembly factory in Brazil and the existence of dealerships:¨The Tough guy has finally arrived in Brazil. And he´s here to stay. Come meet him and his crew at the international stand at Fenatran 2011.¨ This action still has 2 promoters distributing flyers and gifts.

VIP area to welcome executives and dealer owners.
International’s conceptual area, with touchscreen panels where the visitor can choose the International models and access information about performance, consumption, dimensions, motors, etc. The panel will mainly show information on models not physically present at the stand. It will also function as a platform to disclose new technologies and special projects, such as: Hybrid Technology and Lonestar Harley Davidson. The area will also have Internet access, touchscreens for downloading wallpapers and International ringtones.

Trucker´s Magazine - photos taken from the visitors of the stand will become the same moment in covers of a personalized magazine about truckers, edited with specialized content and news from Fenatran 2011.

Panel structure simulating a 9800i on the move. There are several background options for this action. We can work with the International brand, showing its arrival in Brazil. We can also tell the story of the brand through images of classic models and old advertising campaigns. Finally we can present the 9800i in action, detailing its performance and its features. A promoter can stop the action from time to time and give visitors the opportunity to check the interior of the truck, its engine and other parts closer. Below is a video sample demonstrating the action.

LEADS generation. This action has 2 options. An interactive Totem where the visitor can fill in their data by answering specific questions. In another option, promoters would do small interviews with visitors.
Brahma Bar. Event for entertainment of the special guests, promotion winners, specialized press and prospects.

FULL THROTTLE - The Ultimate Punch. A competition would give away freebies for the best rankings. The stronger the punch the better the gift.

MISS INTERNATIONAL - Promoters would wear personalized dresses with the names of International trucks during FENATRAN. At the Bar Brahma they would be elected by the visitors and those who voted for the winners would be treated with International gifts, like a personalized calendar with the Miss International participants.

Paula Fernandes Concert. Along with the launch of the Truck Driver Space would be the main attraction of the event. After the Space presentation, the singer would leave outside a truck and start her show.

The Truck Driver Space will start its services as a moving billboard. It will run the surroundings of São Paulo promoting International Trucks at FENATRAN 2011. The secondary goal is to create expectation for the truck itself and starting the Own The Road project.

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