Mercedes Benz C180 
 The concept seeks to communicate to the public the existence of a very special moment: the moment when he can get a Mercedes-Benz. This idea can be perceived on two levels. The first level is what establishes that the consumer has reached a point in his life in which he already deserves a car as sophisticated and desired as the Mercedes. Another level at which the speech operates is the one that says this is the time to acquire a Mercedes due to the price and payment terms, which facilitate the acquisition for a limited time. In this way, the term "moment" has two distinct but complementary connotations, which meet the profile and needs of the consumer, especially considering that C180 is usually the gateway to the brand.
The moment is perfect. And the C180 Turbo too.
Immortalize the moment without slowing down.
The right moment and the right place, finally together.
Storyboard - Filme 30"
A man about thirty-five, with a shirt and beard slightly to be done.
He stops and looks at his wristwatch.
Close-up on watch out of control.
Suddenly the pointers stop at "Mercedes Hour".
Man stops woman who was passing on the sidewalk and asks the time.
Close on her watch, with the pointers turning and also stopping at "Mercedes Hour".
The man begins to walk down the sidewalk, and passes in front of a design shop. There is a pointer clock in the window.
As soon as the man leaves the picture,  we can see the clock pointers moving and arriving in the "Mercedes Hour".
The man comes to the street corner and looks up.
Close up on a large clock in a tower. Its pointers also rotate and become paralyzed at the same time as the other clocks. Sound of bells.
Close on the man's face, with curious expression, of who is thinking.
Enter sequence of flashbacks, showing each of the clocks of the film in the "Mercedes Hour".
Enter close to the Mercedes-Benz star logo, in the same frame as the previous watches, to emphasize the similarity.

The camera opens and the man notices the pointers of the clocks have taken him to a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Loc-off: "The signs are clear."

The subjective camera from the man's point of view is approaching the C180 Turbo parked inside the dealership.

Loc-off: "It's time to feel ...

Packshot image of the car, showing it 3/4.

Loc-off: ... all the sportiness and elegance of the Mercedes-Benz C180 Turbo. "

Packshot image of the car, showing the inside of it.

Packshot image of the car, showing it's price.

Loc-off: "Come and do a test-drive. This is the moment."

Packshot with signature.
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